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The environmental issues. Five problems threatening the world's oceans


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Теги : Five problems threatening the world's oceans world's oceans The environmental issues

The value of the world's oceans which, in essence, is just a giant body of water is difficult to doubt. However, his condition is currently very bad. For many years industrial waste and various debris has been dumped in the seas and oceans. And the more water was polluted the less fish and other marine life were left there. Now is the time to take active steps towards protecting the world's water bodies and the living organisms that inhabit them. What important issues should all know?

1. Unlimited fishing

Since ancient times, people have caught fish for sustenance. Today, however, the technology of catching was perfected so much that the network gets millions of tons of different fish as well as dolphins, whales, sharks. Oceans always seemed inexhaustible and people thought that the fish will never disappear. But today we see that this is not the case, we feel the consequences of such a consumerist attitude to marine life. Such barbarism will lead to the fact that future generations will be deprived of the opportunity to eat seafood.

Unlimited fishing

2. The destruction of the eco-system

Oceans are very huge, and people find it difficult to understand what violations have occurred in its depths. For us it remains a mystery how great is the damage caused by trawlers that cleans all the wealth of the seabed by their networks. We do not see the degradation of waters, littered with tons of garbage and pollutants discharged into the sea every day. But we are already seeing the disastrous consequences: disappearing coral reefs, seaweed, mangrove forests. Thus, technological progress entails the destruction of ocean ecosystems.

The destruction of the eco-system

3. Good and bad plastic

Since people have invented a plastic humanity acquired in him a friend and foe. On the one hand, this artificial stuff is very helpful. It is lightweight, strong, durable, and useful in construction and other fields. On the other hand, plastic is the most destructive material for the nature because it have been stored for years in the ground without being decomposed. Its production has increased so much that the plastic waste littered all around. Bags and bottles strewn everywhere: at home, in the country, in forest and just on the roads. But it emits chemical pollutants in the water in the ground, in the air. Animals sometimes swallow plastic parts and die.

Good and bad plastic

4. Invasive species

Today we found a lot of invasive species in the ocean. They are marine plants and animals that previously didn’t live in this environment and got into it as a result of human activity or natural disasters, such as hurricanes. Already we’ve known such invasive species as lionfish and Pacific jellyfish which violate the natural environment and lead to the death of its flora and fauna. So there is a destruction of food chains and after that may disappear the entire ecosystem.

Invasive species

5. Sunscreen

You will ask how a regular tanner can harm the oceans? In fact, it can. It has been proved that there are funds for the skin, damaging effects on coral reefs. Imagine the millions of people using them and then daily swim in the sea. The total amount of product released to the water will create a real threat to the ecosystem.


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