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The most beautiful glass beach in the world


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Experienced tourists can argue a lot on the subject of what is the most beautiful beach in the world. Someone likes pure water; some prefer to admire the beauty of the surrounding landscapes; others like white sand and some do not mind pebbles. But those who visited the unique beach in California National Park Makkericher are sure that they have found the most beautiful beach in the world. What can compare with a carpet of sparkling gems?

On closer "acquaintance" to the beach, it becomes clear that the great gems of various colors are just different colored pieces of glass. But the most amazing thing in the world-famous Glass Beach is that it originated on the site of an old landfill.

Even 40 years ago, none of the locals would call the coast near the small town of Fort Bragg "beautiful beach". Moreover, the mountains of household waste, old cars, and tons of glass containers bat rose there. Soon environmentalists started the alarm: dump on the coast grew too fast, the coastal waters polluted with domestic waste. Local activists took up banners and demanded the closure of the landfill. In 1967, the Environmental Commission ordered to liquidate the giant trash. Place was surrounded by fence and forgotten for decades.

Nature has taken care of itself over the years. Ocean waves milled glass bottles and shards of polished to a shine. After 30 years it is impossible to find a single sharp fragment of glass. Soon the California coast became an incredible beach, which is admired by tourists from all over the world. It would be incredibly difficult to create such a miracle artificially. Under the scorching sun of California each fragment is lit like a real jewel.

It is worth mention that people helped beach to become tourist attraction of the National Park Makkericher. In the early 2000s the park workers held a "spring cleaning"; they brought out all the debris remains, like the remains of broken machines and appliances. After that, the shore became literally shine.

Now this place is visited annually by tens of thousands of travelers. True, they are also the main threat to the glass beach: they take beautiful stones as souvenirs. However, there is enough glass for all, and in the case of depletion of its reserves, you can always fill up broken bottles. And so nature can take care of that ugly dump into a stunning beach.

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