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We launched an online auction of virtual territories


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Dear friends,

We have a great news for you! We have completed work on the module of online auction of virtual areas on our website. Auction opens up new opportunities, both for the owners of territories as well as for users and visitors who are just going to make the purchase. But let's take a closer look.

What is the online auction of virtual territories

Online auction of virtual territories is a unique automated module that allows you to set the territory on the auction, bid, sell and earn money with minimal intervention from the site administration.

What does participating in the online auction give to the users?

1. The ability to acquire territory at a bargain price. The starting price of the territory can be any, but not less than the declared value minus 50%. So, if you carefully follow the lots, you will have a chance to acquire territory with great discount prices.

2. The ability to purchase an occupied territory. Keep an eye on the auction, the owner of the territory you want to buy may put it up for auction.

3. The ability to earn. While not all territories are occupied you have the opportunity to acquire territory and then sell it at a good price.

The functions of virtual online auction

The module allows you to expose areas that belong to you at the auction, to bid manually, to configure the auto bid, to acquire territory by buyout price. Users can also take advantage of additional options: to add interest to their auction bookmark, certificate or order souvenirs and much more.

Areas exposed to the auction

List of all auctioned territories can be seen in private user’s office in the tab "Upcoming auctions". Also, once a month, we will publish a list of areas auctioned in our blog. Currently on display at the auction the following items:






The starting price of these items below the officially stated on the site by 50%, do not miss your chance to purchase territory for a bargain price!

Read more about the auction rules, Terms and Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.

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