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6 classic mistakes of the advertising campaign


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The process of preparing the campaign is pretty solid and multicomponent work connected with planning, analyzing, and calculation. One of the components of any marketing strategy is successful planning of an advertising campaign for the development of the organization in the right direction, attainment of new heights, and attracting loyal customers 
However, not in all cases the preparatory process of advertising campaign can bring the desired result. The reason for this may be in typical mistakes made in the development of promotional material. There are a number of issues that impede the achievement of the desired effect.
There are typical mistakes usually made during preparation of the campaign. We will take a closer look on them.
1. Wrong definition of the target audience
Incorrect definition of potential customers (according to the practice, most companies are trying to realize their own products or services to those who do not buy this kind of products or would not use similar service) 
2. Wrong definition of selling aspects
The main aspects of selling are identified incorrectly. The main focus of advertising is made on those characteristics of the goods which do not attract buyers directly. In the result nobody will buy the product (very important to analyze the target customers to find out exactly what features of the product turn their attention while they are choosing)

3. Wrong choice of promotion channels

Wrong choice of advertising media (wrong publication in the media or wrong placement of outdoor advertising, etc.). The first step is to give preference to such media advertising, which will be the most loyal perceived by potential buyers (customers) 

4. Harmfull creative

Passion for a particular creative idea which does not reflect the main essence of the promoted product or brand is not conducive to memorization of the brand or product, as well as growth in sales.
5. Lack of brand
The absence of a specific and unchanging advertising image. It means that for a long time the company has to adhere to a particular line in its own advertising policies, as well as a single image of its brand .
6. Low quality of advertising design
Poor quality design of distribute promotional material. We need to pay attention not only to the quality of printing and image, but also directly to the content of the advertising title, message, call, etc.) 
Thus, the preparation of the campaign consists of a large number of various activities related to a common purpose which must take into account all aspects without exception to promote the brand and attract potential customers.

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