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Five human super abilities


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Probably everyone dreamed that one day open in yourself or get over any supernormal ability and become a superhero. Who didn’t want to fly or wiz or move objects by thought or read people’s thoughts. It turns out that it is not too unrealistic. Everyone can be the owner of super powers.
1. Аbsolute pitch
About 3 % of the US population and 8% of living in Europe have such superpowers. Absolute pitch is also called musical. People who are lucky to have such a quality can remember any melody they’ve heard and replay it exactly. For the musicians, this ability is very important. Holders of a unique pitch can determine the pitch of the dog barking, a passing train or an airplane engine. The nature of the capacity is not completely clear. There is no way to tell, are they born with this quality, or whether it acquired with time.
Аbsolute pitch
2. The perception of light
Happy owners of the unique abilities of perception of light can see all available shades. However, this quality is inherent in most animals. Humans have it much rarer. Humans have three types of color receptors. They are green, blue, and red. Each of them is able to distinguish 100 shades. Those who are endowed with an absolute perception of light can enjoy a much wider range of colors. Their number exceeds 100 million.
The perception of light
3. Echolocation
The ability to echolocation is normal quality of the bat. With it, she sees in the dark. It is guided by a sound by making it and waiting for the return echo back to ears. Sound waves returns back, stumbled on any obstacle, for example, the victim. Sensitive ears of the bat capture this moment and it locates the victim. Echolocation is not so unattainable ability for human. It develops when the eyes do not perform their function. Thus, the body compensates for the loss of vision. It turns out there is a possibility that people can see in the dark as bats.
4. Synesthesia
Synesthesia is a rather interesting phenomenon. It is the chain of sensor’s reaction. Excitation of one causes a reaction of others. People with this capability can see colors of numbers and letters. They can feel the taste of words and smell sounds. This is the symptoms of synesthesia. This quality does not affect the daily life and has no adverse impact on the five basic senses, so people with synesthesia may not be aware of their ability. 
5. Supermemory

This memory is also called live or photographic. A person with this ability can remember exactly to the smallest detail everything he sees, reads or hears, and then reproduce it. For example, Akira Haraguchi sounded the first 100,000 digits of pi. Autistic artist Stephen Vilchira painted stages of his journey to Rome, showing a photographic memory. Another example is Raymond Babbitt, the character of the film Rain Man, who remembers every book he’s read in his life, can call the author, the characters, and describe the plot.


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