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Drinking water in Russia


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Technical progress is the thing that makes modern human happy. All you need is to open the tap and you have life-giving liquid in the quantity you need. However, we get used to a good stuff quickly. Lately, population of big cities and small towns cannot imagine a full life without automated water supply system in the house. However, Russia still cannot perform a good service in the sphere of Utilities. A wide range of problems cannot be solved, and all ways to improvement seem complicated. What do we get as a result? We get low quality of water which means that a simple tap can’t be a source of good water for drinking and cooking.

Irrational use of water

The level of access to the water in Russia is high, but it has its own disadvantages. The level of the liquid flow rate is unreasonably high. The fuilid intake per day in big cities with f large populations is more than millions of cubic meters.

Thus, in Moscow for only one day up to 4 million cubic liters of liquid is leaking from the taps. One person consumes about 280 liters.

Most of this water is sent to the sewage, and then to the treatment plant. Some percentage is discharged into natural water bodies. The sewer system accumulates all water from the roads, effluents from industrial facilities, municipal wastes, agronomic farming wastes. Some of this fluid  gets into natural water bodies under the earth and on the earth which causes the environmental degradation.

Irrational use of water

It turns out that we still can't completely close the cycle of consumption and cleaning liquid. The liquid is taken from the natural sources, preferably from the ground. Often the quality of water does not correspond to register in the regulations. It happens that the water is taken from sources that have already been contaminated with a variety of chemistry. It may have pathogens and microorganisms which cause a wide range of infectious diseases.

In 2013, in the Moscow region , there were about 250 cases of poisoning due to poor water quality!

A significant contribution to the level of pollution of natural water bodies is paid by enterprises in various sectors of industry.

Irresponsibility of industrial enterprises

A considerable number of companies do not even think about the treatment equipment on the run-off water. Often, it is motivated by lack of money and the fact that the level of water pollution is too insignificant. As the result, dirty water gets into the environment, breaking it and causing impressive damage to the ecology. Of course, the natural reservoir is a system which is capable to clean itself and neutralized any pollution, but by the peculiarities of urban development industrial enterprises are concentrated in some not very large areas, dedicated by authorities. From a certain point of view it is good, because in this area can be put common to all places of production plant treated sewage. Economically it is more profitable, but in practice it turns out that the all sources of pollution are located in just one place.

Irresponsibility of industrial enterprises

In our country, most of the treatment plants operating at the present time are outdated designs. The level of their productivity is low, and methodology of disinfection liquid allows using this water for domestic needs, but never for drinking. For example, quite often disinfecting fluid is directly related to an excess of chlorine in it. The consumption of this chemical to the human (and not only) can’t be considered useful. Chlorine can kill microorganisms and not only in water but also in the body of a living being. Consequently, it increases the risk of dysbiosis.

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