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How to make effective banner ads


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Is an affective clickable banner ad a myth or reality? Reality of course! All you need is a correct approach to the creation of an effective banner ad and our scheme will help you with this!


Definition of the target audience


How to define your target audience?

1. Basic indexes (sex, age, geographical location)

2. Interests (can be determined using forums, social networks and other places, where your target audience gathers)

3. Paying capacity (can be determined knowing your target audience’s social status)

4. Understanding of tasks and problems of your target audience (forums and search request will help)

Why do you need this?

First of all, this knowledge will help you to set up targeting and show your banner ad only to the audience that  could be really interesting in it. Also this knowledge will help to make banner with high CTR.


Types of targeting

Geo targeting means showing banner ad to users of a particular geographic region: city, country, etc.

Social-demographic targeting is an orientation on users of certain sex, age, family status, form of activity, etc.

Behavioral targeting is based on analyzing user’s search requests– advertisement is shown in accordance with key words, which user recently insert to searcher

Thematic targeting is based on content, which is interesting to users, advertising on certain theme websites.

Retargeting is an advertisement, faced to users, who already visited this site before.



Identifying the competitors


How to do this?

1. Through searchers using your key words.

2. Сonsumer survey

3. Thematic forums, and offline events – exhibitions, seminars, conferences, etc.

What should be attention paid to?

- How your competitors position themselves?

- How their product is represented?

- What aspect (type) of marketing do your competitors use for promoting?

- What is your main difference from your competitors?


Why do you need this?

This information will help you to determine main methods of promoting, advertisement areas, visibility of competing brand and many other things.


Calculating approximate budget

Unfortunately, there is no formula, which gives clear answer to the question, what should be the budget of successful advertisement. We can determinate the approximate cost by few ways:

1. Use so-called planned budget. It means to allocate small sums for short period and test different banners on different websites and this way to determine optimal budget.

2. Examine similar advertising campaign in your theme.

Cost calculates by next ways:

Static banners. Banner is placed for specified time, you pay only for this period.

Dynamic banners. Cost calculates for 1000 showings – CPM (means Cost Per Mille – cost for thousand). Mostly used form of pricing.

Payment for clicks. You pay only for click on ad – CPC (Cost Per Click).

Payment for amount of visitors (Cost Per Visitor). You pay for each user, who came to your site.

Payment for contacts of prospective customer – CPL (Cost Per Lead).

Payment for certain (target) user's act on site – registration, order, etc. – CPA (Cost Per Action).

Payment for sale – CPS (Cost Per Sale). You pay only if user buy smth.


Choosing websites


Efficiency index of area:

Affinity index is an index of conformity, which shows ratio of your target audience to total amount of site’s users, in which you plan to advertise. As higher value of this index, as more prospective customers will see your advertisement. Fully considered, that affinity index with value higher than 100 means high concentration of target audience on site.

SOV (Share of Voice)  is a value, which helps to determine what part of traffic of the advertising resource is bought and what is the value of each advertiser, who use this website (calculate in percent). For example, if site uses two equivalent advertisers (frequency of showing advertisement, reach of the audience,  value of their advertisement, etc. are equal), so SOV of each will be 50%.

Most important values

Reach: unique users, for whom advertisement was shown at least one time.

Ad impressions: total amount of showing ad to users.

CTR (Click Through Rate) – ratio of clicks on advertising banner to total amount of showing this circular to users.

Frequency – quantity of showings circular to exactly the same user.



Create banner and landing pages


What should be done to make banner effective

1. Specify your idea clearly. Incomprehensible message and vague phrases reduce the efficiency significantly.

2. Shorten the text. Don’t try to push content of your entire site into one banner ad. It doesn’t work.

3. Consider your target audience. Youth product, advertising by strict business-style banner won’t make any profit.

4. Be original. You’ve examined your competitors’ banners, so offer your target audience something really unique. Gaming banner, irregular size and other things do their job!

5. Test your banner. Do you have time to read text on changing pics? Does banner boot fast?


Landing page

Landing page is thу page, where your banner will lead. Before campaign start, you should check:

1. Do all pages, where your banner lead, work correctly.

2. Do your registration form, callback-button and other forms of interaction with prospective customer work correctly.

3. Do your landing page contain all information, which your prospective customer need to perform target action.

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