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Nature or human. Do we have a future?


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Once a human became a thinking being engaged in farming and hunting his attitude to nature became a consumer. With the development of production and technical progress he needs more and more resources which are not infinite.

It’s time to stop and think

We can see rates of destruction of living over the past half century and consuming of everything nature gives us by analyzing some of numbers:

- 70% of world’s forests were cut down

- 90% of world’s stocks of large fish were consumed

- 45 thousand lakes ceased to exist

- 25% of the population of birds became extinct

Trying to create more comfortable living conditions humanity significantly impairs the conditions of living of animals, birds, and plants. Millions of cars, factories, and plants pollute the atmosphere every day; tons of hazardous substances fall into the ground and water during the agricultural operations; man-made disasters also cause great harm to all living on the Earth. Scientists call for humanity to reconsider the attitude to natural resources to avoid global catastrophe which can terminate the existence of beautiful planet Earth.

Eco villages are the new format of life

Eco villages began to appear around the middle of the 20th century in different countries. People tired of synthetic materials, sounds, and products started to choose for themselves and their children, a new format of life and work – the eco villages. They become a certain help from humanity to the tired nature. Such settlements involve very low standard of living (no modern gadgets or elementary urban amenities), but the quality of life here is much higher than in megalopolises. Each family gets an allotment which they can use at their discretion. Feature of eco villages is that every person works for himself, provides his family with all necessary and tries not to harm nature.  For all members of the community the main priority is a respect for natural resources and living in harmony with the environment. The main thing is to give more than consume. Some may told that this is a step back in time, but it’s a misconception. The existence of humanity should not bring to environmental degradation and destruction of Earth’s resources.

We need help right now

Millions of people have understood that it’s time to eliminate consumer attitude towards nature. State authorities as well as public organizations solve problems of saving and growth of recourses. Everybody knows that we need to strive for zero waste production, develop safer technologies for processing of toxic waste, and engage actively replenishing natural resources which is equally important in relation to forests, rare animals, and marine life.

Today we need to change our attitude towards the protection and conservation of the Earth's, and start small:

- Discard the plastic bags and disposable supplies;

- choose rechargeable batteries;

- sort the waste and debris on the nature;

- save gas, electricity and water;

- use your car at a minimum.

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