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How to reach your buyers?


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Of course today’s buyer is very capricious. The glut of the goods’ and services’ market on the one hand and ever-present advertising on the other made your buyer blazed and inert. Today all you need to make a purchase is to scroll through several online catalogs and make couple clicks. What manufacturers can do in this situation? How they can get the attention of the buyers? This is a tricky question. The thing is that marketing as an applied science is being used in any business and only those who can come up with original solutions of the classical postulates and introduce new techniques and ideas will shoot ahead.


The star is falling, profit rises

Attracting celebrities to promote your brand is a well known and tested marketing method. But how can you find the right celebrity who can bring the profit even in the extraordinary situation? This depends on the professionalism of the marketing team.

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence stumbled twice on the red carpet, unable to cope with the excitement and fluffy skirts of her evening dresses from Dior. However, thanks to her natural ease and a sense of humor young star managed to draw awkward moments in potential bonuses. That inspires popular brand a new idea: Dignity in all circumstances with Dior.


Internet marketing is today’s future

Before the ideas were in the air, but now they are in the Internet. Global web is the undisputed leader in the collection, storage and dissemination of information, but also with the improvement of communication technologies it becomes a serious marketing tool. Basing on the hardware and software capabilities you can not only advertise, but monitor statistics of its effectiveness in the real time, study the target audience, correct and expand it achieving optimum results.

Various events in the style of flash mobs become a striking proof of the original use of Internet resources.

The most widescale Internet marathon Ice Bucket Challenge was holden in August 2014. It start as a charity event for the benefit of suffering ALS initiated by ex- professional baseball player Peter Frates, and a few months engulfed the whole world. Billionaires, ordinary citizens, movie stars, pop musicians, and fashion designers alone and in teams were pouring cold water on themselves and challenging their friends and competitors. In summary, simple realization of unusual idea brought more than eighty millions of dollars.

The huge success of similar campaigns determines the strategy for sustainable development of Internet marketing and looking for the new methods of promoting brands.

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How to reach your buyers?

Of course today’s buyer is very capricious. The glut of the goods’ and services’ market on the one hand and ever-present...


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