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We are starting the series of posts, in which we will tell you about most interesting companies and brands, which form with us project Piece Of My World.

So, meet Tigermilk! You certainly thought more than once of what surprising time we all live in? Newest technologies, availability of information, boundless opportunities of communication and many other all these are forming our own informational world. And all of these are instruments of Tigermilk - the unique media company of new generation.

Today information is something much bigger, than assimilate data. This is a product, merchandise and instrument in skillful hands. Qualitative, created with soul, well-packed content, delivered to target audience using modern channels can move mountains.

The same time, creating of such content is a laborious work, demanding titanic efforts and colossal experience. Modern content generators of social networks offer rather wide spectrum of services, but not every company can provide of effective portfolio.

Tigermilk is an expert-company in the field of content’s creating, packaging and distributing to wide audience. For relatively short period of time, the team of professionals created many projects, which riveted attention of huge amount of followers. Working on any project Tigermilk is guided by the principles of human hobby, cooperation with not only popular areas, but also new perspective ones, and loyalty choosing authors.

Publics, communities, channels in different media, which gathered about 50 million subscribers, confirm experience of this company in the field of generating qualitative content. Among Tigermilk’s projects, everyone can find something for himself:  there are creative solutions from “Masterpiece advertising”, thematic magazines for men and women, classic and modern everyday-recipes from “Bon Appetit”, new ideas for home comfort, alternatives for strong muscles, stylish image and loving mums and etc.

Channels of communication, which Tigermilk use, provide with maximum reach of the audience. Besides popular social networks, users could use mobile application from App Store. Thoroughly thought-out method of presentation of information allows to company’s projects collect 1,5 million likes from 20 million people every day. And attention, which experts treat to their work, allows generating 2 million of audience only for 1 month.

Among clients of Tigermilk there are next companies and brands: Milka, KFC, Raffaello, kinder, BORK, nutella, BORJOMI, Sberbank of Russia and many others. Representatives of these brands noted with pleasure effective and efficient methods, competence, confidence, creativity and progressive of the team of professionals, who work on projects every day.

Tigermilk — is a new generation of media, and this is why company chooses most unusual and ultra-modern methods of brand’s development. Moreover, taking part in project Piece Of My World is exactly this type of branding and promoting method.

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