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How to get through the informational noise?


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  Earlier the marketing specialists and advertisers were delighted with the accessibility and abundance of information, which our century is characterized by. Of course! At last you can bring your idea to every prospective buyer by thousand of different ways. However, today this tendency turns against them increasingly. It becomes more difficult not to get lost in informational noise that recently desired abundance turns in. According to Erik Schmidt, every two days we create more information, then humanity had made since dawn of civilization and till 2003. And society continues to create more information actively.
  So now the question is how not to get lost by adding to general huge stream your own advertising and marketing messages, but to involve and retain the attention of the audience. It is not enough for massages to be interesting, they should be necessary for the audience. Western marketing specialists compare creating high-quality content with work of newspaper or magazine. Popular newspapers and magazines dont need to involve their reader; he is already waiting for new edition. And marketing should be bent on the same.
  Well, what should be content, which can get through informational noise, teach smth new your prospects and lead to buying insensibly. I bring to your attention the 7A system from famous marketing specialists and great expert of selling texts Brian Clark. These are seven characteristics, which you can use to create such content we’ve described above.
  Actuality. We all live in real space and time, which constantly change. You should keep step with your target audience and not only create recent and relevant content, but also speak in plain language, use available here-and-now resources. And the audience changes all the time, it means that you need to listen carefully to reaction and make proper changes.
  Authenticity. Your content must hold authentic story — close and intelligible to everyone in your target audience. Give them the story they want. Joseph Campbell call it “myth about hero's journey”. Make your prospective client a hero of the story and send him to imaginary journey from that state or point, where he is now, to the point he would like to find himself. Figuratively speaking, your client is Luke Skywalker, your content is Obi-Wan, who helps him, and your product is Master Yoda, that is exactly what helps him to achieve his objective and finish the journey. So as authenticity to work (correct), you need to study your target audience, know what is it like now and what it strive for.  
  Accentuation. This item is associated with actuality and means that influence of the content to audience, their connection can be evaluated in only real time in a work process. You need to control this process all the time, study what ways work, what don’t work and what you should try next time.
    Audience. You must strictly know not only who is your target audience, but what do they think about, what do they strive for, their fears and secret desires. If you’ll speak with audience as equals, using plain language and about interesting things, it will start to “build” itself, share content with each other.
  Authority. Creating the authority over your target audience must become the center of your strategy. You “bring up” your audience, rather than without adducing any proof declare about your significance. As a result, it will proclaim your power. Inter alia, you start to understand what kind of products and services the audience need.  
  Activity. Operate actively, using information, you’ve got from your target audience.
  Acceleration. Time to get buns you’ve earned by building correctly your strategy of creating content. Many opportunities open up ahead.

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