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5 advantages and 3 disadvantages of Internet advertising


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A huge number of people use the Internet in their daily life and work, of course. That is the main advantage of Internet advertising. However, we will still take a closer look at the pros and cons of using online advertising, as well as compare them with advertising offline.

1. Targeting and Reaching Your Audience

Any advertising channel cannot be compared with the scope of the audience, which is now offering Internet. In addition, online advertising is gradually replacing another important channel of promotion - advertising in the media. Today on the Internet you can find everything - any TV show, series, articles and even entire online magazines. Those who have previously relied on advertising in the media today are increasingly turning their attention to online promotion. Another advantage of Internet advertising is the possibility of a narrow targeting. One of the main principles of advertising is the more accurately it is aimed at the target audience, the more successful it will be. Internet also allows you to choose channels with any audience coverage - from niche sites to portals with a broad reach.

2. High efficiency

This advantage of Internet advertising is directly related to the ease of implementation compared to other methods. Of course, in online advertising you also can create complex and interesting product, but in most cases it is still easier and therefore faster than offline marketing. In addition, the rapid placement of advertisements on the channel, which already has present target audience, gives an instant challenge, which gives a huge opportunity for analysts.

3. Research

Precise data on the number of views, a detailed description of the target audience, and the opportunity of tracking the sales funnel from the beginning to the end - that's a little bit from a huge list of everything that modern systems allow you to track Internet analysts. One of the main advantages of online marketing is an opportunity to study in detail the effectiveness of the techniques employed, and thus save money and achieve the desired result.

4. Cost and unlimited

Also worth mentioning is that, thanks to the simplicity of implementation, wide scope and highly competitive Internet environment, the cost of advertising on the Internet is much lower than other means of promotion. In addition to the Internet, you are not limited by time or the size of a newspaper or magazine strip or the number of pages, and therefore can afford any amount of advertising within your budget.

5. Methods of transmission of information

The development of digital technology provides enormous opportunities for the advertising of their product or service. Modern IT technologies allow you to create a full 3d presentation of the goods, with the ability to demonstrate it on all sides, add the online calculators, provide test access to paid services, and much more. The ability to collect feedback and comments on the product allows you to get instant feedback and make adjustments in the course of advertising.

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Disadvantages of Internet advertising

To make our article objective it is worth mentioning the shortcomings of Internet advertising. The first is mistrust of users to online shopping because of large number of scams on the one hand and the special mentality and mindset of our users on the other.

Недоверие к интернету

Another disadvantage of Internet advertising is high competition and a wide range of goods and services provided. It is difficult to identify the advertiser and difficult to determine the user's choice.

Previous disadvantage breeds a new one. A huge amount of advertising on the Internet leads to the fact that the user simply stop noticing it, as well as set various additional proposals hide advertisements on the sites. All this greatly reduces the actual response from the advertising on the Internet.

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