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Ecology begins with you. 5 ways to live environmentally friendly


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Discussions about the fact that global warming cannot be stopped, and mankind has transcended point of no return has been going on for years. However, this is not a reason to give up on the world because it cannot be saved from the damaging effects of man. Knowing what harm nature, we can do a lot to reduce the impact of negative factors. We should start from ourselves. As experience shows it is not difficult to take as a rule specific list of actions.

1. Save energy. This advice does not imply the rejection of the most essential appliances. It is enough to turn off appliances when you are not using them. The same goes for lighting. Turn off the lights when you leave the room, the computer and the TV when you leave the house. So you will not only help save a lot of fuel (and emissions into the atmosphere), which is used to generate electricity, but also reduce the amount of electricity bills. The same rule may include switching to natural light. Try to use daylight as much as possible. This in addition to other advantages will help to maintain good eyesight, because natural light has no damaging effects on the eyes. Speaking about the artificial light, you can also replace incandescent bulbs on the "cheap", for example, fluorescent. They will serve to at least 10 times longer, and consume in 5 times less energy.

2. Save water. For the inhabitants of the civilized world seem to be savagery that there are places in the world where drinking water is prized as gold. However, if a person does not become economical in treating this important natural resource, it is likely that in the near future, and in our part of clean fresh water will become scarce. It’s not necessary to become a fanatic, and bring water conservation to the absurd. But it is not difficult to check whether you have closed the tap, do not waste water unnecessarily. Do not leave the tap on when distracted by washing dishes, for example. Better yet, wash dishes in a filled sink and rinse under running water. If the valve is leaking, do not pull on the repair. Downloading the dishwasher or washing machine, make sure that they are as far as possible the maximum amount.

3. Re-use small household items. You go to the supermarket? Why not take a plastic bag which remained from the last trip to the store, instead of buying a new one? So you will save not only money, but also the production of packages and hence pollution. Polyethylene and plastic are substances that do not decompose for centuries, getting into the ground water. They accumulate in tons on the earth's surface, causing it irreparable harm. Also try to use less of plastic and paper disposable dishes. Less resource for its production is better for environmental pollution.

4. Dispose of garbage. First of all, environmentalists recommend to be more economical with the employers and, where possible, to repair broken appliances, things rather than throw away the old and buy new ones. Ideally rubbish must be recycled. And, do not attempt to dispose of it by burning, for example. Entrust it to professionals; take the garbage to the recycling station. Remember, the glass bottle is easier to wash, sterilize and re-start up in business, and the old aluminum cans to melt and make a new one than to make the container from scratch.

5. Reduce the level of car exhaust. If possible, move on foot or by bike. If you can use public transport than give your preference to it, not your own car. Statistics show that over 20% of car trips are made at a distance of about 3-5 kilometers. This distance is quite possible to overcome on foot which is good not only for the environment, but also for the budget, and health. Keep your car in order; watch its serviceability to minimize the level of emissions. Only a waiver of personal car, you will reduce your own impact that harms the environment on 20%.

Be interested in the questions of environmental protection. Knowledge about how people harm nature helps to prevent the commission of large and small environmental crimes. Do not be silent and do not stand on the sidelines, if you see that the actions of the individual or the enterprise causing irreparable harm to your planet. Believe me; your protest will support more people than the action of the person that harms nature.

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