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There is a wide choice of cafes, bars and restaurants where you can spend an evening, and it is easy to get lost. The choice is more complicated if there is a need for a certain type of institution, for example, for a romantic evening, big friendly company or corporate banquet. Use a professional guide on the cafes in Ukraine to make your leisure unforgettable.

"Guide Café" is an online directory where the full information about the institutions of Ukraine is gathered. On the site you can get the necessary information about any cafe and restaurant:

  • • address, phone number, directions;
  • • the average price;
  • • Services, and promotional offers;
  • •work schedule;
  • • terms of the lease of the hall;
  • • availability of Wi-Fi, parking and so on.

Also, you can see the design of cafe and restorants trough looking photos that are posted on the site.

The site is user-friendly and has intuitive interface. You can make a selection by category establishments: bars and pubs, hookah, cafes, pizzerias and restaurants. You can also reduce your search by selecting the desired area of ​​the city.

Visitors reviews about restaurants in Ukraine

If you trust more the reviews of visitors who have visited the cafe or restaurant, you also can find them on the website. Besides, you can leave your own review about the the level of prices or quality of service of the place you have visited by posting a comment on the site. Get yourself the opportunity to be guided by the country's Cafe and leave a detailed assessment of the institution, place or advice future customers. In addition, your assessment will help the owners of cafes and restaurants to raise the level of service.

Rent of banquet halls in Zaporozhye

If you look for a banquet hall for the celebration, then find it much easier with the site guide cafes.  Go to the page of the institution and in the "Banquet" you will find all the necessary information about the capacity of the hall rental cost, minimum order, and various promotional offers.

Also, you will appreciate the design of the room, and correlate it with the ideas of design, if provided. This will save your time, because you will not have to visit each restaurant with a banquet hall, to assess the interior. Right there, on the page of places you can get acquainted with the visitors, who have been able to assess the level of service.

Free advertising of the restaurants on the site "Cafe Guide»

You can make your own free publicity for the institution! If you are the owner of the cafe, bar or restaurant you can add to the catalog description of your cafe, colorful photos, describe the entire list of services. This is an effective way to attract more customers. Please note that this service is now completely free! Do not miss the opportunity to effectively advertise your business.

Advertising on site POWM is only the beginning of a broad advertising campaign "Guide Cafe." In the near future, along with filling the establishments of Zaporizhzhya and Lviv, to the site will be added Odessa, and then other major cities of Ukraine.

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