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6 ways to make your website popular


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So you're the owner of the site and of course want it to be popular. The main indicator of quality of the site is its satisfied visitors. They "walk" through the pages, come back, add your site to their bookmarks, recommend it to friends, etc. Active users are good both for ranking in search engines and for monetization. Let’s check the ways to make your site interesting for your customers at in this article.

1. Regular updates

The basic rule for the owner of any online resource is a regular update of relevant information. And this applies not only to new articles, and descriptions that you post on the site, but also all the text as a whole. Watch for articles that bring you traffic; update the information if it is outdated. It is also worth remembering the frequency and regularity is also important.

 2. Consider the different perception of the information users.

As known, there are different types of perception of the information. For someone is easier to read the text, for others to look at pictures; someone prefers to hear audio recording. That is why the content should be uploaded to the site in a variety of forms: articles, info graphics, and videos. The main requirement is that any type of content must be qualitative.

3. informativeness

Try to avoid in your articles references to the past, statements of irrelevant facts n, unless you are Wikipedia. The user comes for specific, new, useful information; do not "dilute" it to create volume. Let the text be small, but informative.

4. Follow fidbek

Your users will give you a cue in what direction you need to develop your site. Check the pages users visit most often and improve them. Also, you can get useful information on how to improve the website from comments and social networks.

5. Quality of content

Recently, in order to get to the top searching systems and collect the traffic it was enough to "rivet" thousands of similar texts about anything. As a result, the quality of the texts is strongly decreased. Against the background of a large number of low-quality information, your useful and well-designed content will stand out favorably for the visitors.

6. Work with professionals in your area

To draw attention to your resource, invite specialists and experts of your industry. Authoritative opinion expressed in an interview guest review or article will attract more audience.

These tips are especially important for commercial Web projects because such site is a tool for converting visitors and buyers, and thus on the audience loyalty depends largely on the success of the company's business on the web.

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